Advantages: You don’t have to busy yourself with tax, social security or labour laws regarding your employee; these responsibilities are taken on by the Sales Desk Polen

  • Company formation in Poland not necessary
  • Sales Manager Poland, as well as their whole family, get social insurance with a full access to public care on location.
  • Predominantly domestic business trips contribute to a considerable decrease of travel expenses (current rates of business trip allowances in Poland are much lower – approximately about 1/3)
  • Attractive total costs of the employment thanks to the employment of a Polish citizen (we present an overview of average income on request)
  • In case of dismissal of the employee Sales Desk Polen assures continuity (hiring, contacts and market presence stay) and don’t have to be arranged anew (as it happens in case of loss of a trading partner)
  • Your product know-how and your sales experience combined with customary sales strategy
  • You have all advantages of a medium-sized business (IT-support, secretary service, additional health insurance) with just a slender sales structure in Poland