Interim Management –  Our goal is to deliver effective business solutions for companies willing to set up company in Poland and Czech Republic.

The Interim Management lets us present Client with a selection of services allowing him to set up business and run it smoothly, in accordance to Polish law and regulations. In practice it means that when Client focusing on business goals and sales development, Sales Desk takes over the administrative management of its company in Poland and/or Czech Republic.

Sales Desk has over 15 years of experience working with German-speaking businessman looking to set up company in Poland. Our areas of expertise with regard to Interim Management include:

  • Legal & Tax
  • Accounting
  • Recruitment
  • HR Management 
  • Back office 
  • German Hub PL

The advantages of our Interim Management services are: experience of working with the industrial goods sector (engineering, manufacturing and production), integration of services in one place, low risk investment, expert knowledge, responsibility and fast pace.