Sales Manager Modules offered by Sales Desk Polen.
The creation of a sales organization with a sales representative is composed of several individual modules
that can be chosen separately:


We recruit a sales manager responsible for Poland according to your criteria.

Sales Manager

Sales Desk Polen hires your sales representative as a (Junior) Sales Manager.

The employee can count on our guidance in the field of labour law. We prepare the monthly salary statement as well as business trip calculations according to the Polish labour law.

You take over professional management. In this way you can concentrate yourself on your core business and don’t have to be bothered with Polish tax and labour laws.

We offer all fringe benefits to the sales representative, for example various sales courses available on the market, additional insurance, etc.

optional: In order to optimise costs for the sales representative we look for companies with the same client target groups and complimentary products.

Back Office

We support your company with a professional back office, so that your sales representative can concentrate on customer care, acquisition of new clients and trade, and doesn’t have to be preoccupied with administrative matters.
Our range of services comprises the following elements:

  • Provision of a company car, mobile phone with a Polish number and a laptop
  • Provision of office services (courier services, transportation, taxi, etc.)
  • Coordination of logistical services, renting of storage areas, showrooms, etc.
  • Translation services
  • Organization of trade fair appearances in Poland as well as other marketing measures like mailings, call-actions, etc.
  • Access to a renowned team of experts, including tax support and legal advice
  • Further services on request


With this solution your company is resident in Poland and easy to reach for Polish customers.

Workspace in Warsaw

Warsaw is the location of the majority of Polish and foreign companies’ head-offices. A good address in the capital of Poland is important for image purposes.

We offer your sales representative their own workspace with the necessary office infrastructure in Warsaw. High quality office equipment includes fixed-line telephones, Wi-Fi as well as a printer, photocopier and fax machine and joint use of the office kitchen. Thanks to this you don’t have to devote your time to look for an office space or deal with long-term leases, brokerage or the purchase of office equipment.

Market Presence

The image-effectiveness of a top business address in Warsaw on a website, business card and business documents is often underestimated.

With the presence of your company at a prestigious Warsaw address that we provide for you, success is guaranteed. This is what your Warsaw address would look like:

Example Ltd
ul. Piaskowa 4
01-067 Warszawa, Polen

We support you with a professional telephone service. There is always someone in your secretary’s office who answers your calls in your company’s name so that your clients can reach you easily. Your company receives:

  • Its own phone number in Poland (+48 501 46 …)
  • A joint fax number (+48 501 46 39)


We provide information about your company and your products on the phone. Incoming calls are forwarded to your sales representative. We prepare a telephone memo for the rest of the calls.

Ensure yourself and your company have a competitive advantage by means of a professional representative service!

Payroll Service

Your sales representative(s) to be employed in Poland is/are subject to Polish tax and social insurance laws. We take on the wage and salary statement calculation for your employee(s) in Poland with the following services:

  • Registration in the tax office and National Insurance Institution as well as in the National Labour Inspectorate
  • Arrangement of the required occupational health appointment and all the necessary training courses regarding health and safety at work
  • Wage and salary statement calculation (including business trips calculations)
  • Preparation of monthly statements regarding taxes and insurance for Polish government departments
  • Management of the employee’s personal files
  • Supervision of holiday and inability to work periods, legal occupational health appointment deadlines, etc.


We provide you with a German and Polish-speaking experienced contact person that is also available to the tax authorities on request. Should the need arise, this person is also authorized to represent your company during inspections by the Social Security Office.